Gumdrop Math

My school is a small PreK to 8 school, which most of the time is AWESOME. I get to see lots of cute little kids, who all love me, but never have to actually teach them. I get to do lots of fun “elementary” type things, like Scholastic book fairs and Christmas sing-a-longs, while still getting to teach polynomials and functions.

That being said, there are approximately 2 things I hate about teaching at a span school. #1 There is never a time of year when the stomach flu is NOT going around. Little kids breed germs. Germs quickly spread around the school. #2 I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a Grinch, but in December, the whole school turns into this crazy Christmas zone. Every single activity the younger grades do revolves around Christmas. As a result, my middle school kids get all hyped up and don’t understand why they have to do “real work” while the younger kids do Santa math worksheets and read Christmas stories during their ELA block.

After giving all four of my math classes tests the 2 days before Christmas Break, I decided I should do something fun with my kids, but still centered around state standards. I present to you Gumdrop Math! I think did this activity in school when I was younger, so I know it isn’t anything groundbreaking, but all of my kids still had fun. Click on the picture to download the worksheet I made. (The super cute Christmasy background is from Ladybug Teacher Files!)

I know Christmas is over, but this is a great activity for anytime of the year! Disclaimer: Most of my kids found out that they hated gumdrops and spice drops and fought over the few boxes of Dots that I brought in. Also, if you have any peanut allergies, the Dots I purchased were certified peanut free.


2 responses to “Gumdrop Math

  1. I love this! We are starting our geometry lesson and this will be a fun activity for them to do.

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