STAR Poster

S-Sit up
T- Track the Speaker
A- Ask and Answer Questions Like a Scholar
R-Respect Those Around You

#1 As you will soon see, I make lots of different posters, print them on blinding bright neon paper, laminate them and pretend that makes my classroom look amazing.

#2 I love this poster. I got the idea from one of my favorite books ever, “Teach Like a Champion” by Doug Lemov and all of the middle school classes in my building use STAR.

#3 As you can see, I printed on my favorite neon cardstock and mounted it on my class podium. The kids can see it from basically any seat in class and I can easily remind individual students or the whole class which letter they need to focus on….or if I was a good teacher, I guess I would be giving specific, academic praise for students following all 4 parts of STAR!

I know! I'm like a professional photographer!!

#4 Ok. I’m done talking. Check it out if you’re interested! STAR poster (<—– click on that link. I think.)


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