Frayer Models for Science

I know that everyone uses Frayer models in some form across pretty much any subject area. I love using Frayer models when learning new vocabulary words in science. A lot of the words we do with 6th grade science are words the students know in a different forms so using Frayer models have helped my students gain a better understanding of the scientific meanings.

When learning about different energy sources, the students work with their lab groups of four and created a large Frayer model for a different source of energy. The students then posted their models. 2 students from the group walked around to the other models and copied them into their notebooks while the 2 students who stayed at the poster explained it to their classmates. After the 2 students from each group traveled to each poster, they switched places with the other 2 students in their group and those students got to travel to each poster and copy into their notebooks. This worked great and I actually had students begging to do it again 🙂

I have seen lots of variations of the Frayer model, but on the one I created for my class, the students have to list the book definition, draw an illustration, give an example and a non example.

At the beginning of the year, I ran off a bunch of copies of the model, 2 per page. I have them on hand anytime we need! Click on the picture below to download your free copy!




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