6 Door Foldable- Scientific Method/Inquiry Cycle

Apparently I have been on a real foldables kick lately! I still have a ton to share with you guys that we made this week! My students have been doing an awesome job with them and are actually using them to study– woo hoo! This is actually one  of the first foldables that I made this year with my 6th and 7th grade math classes. We attempted to fold them in 7th grade and it literally took the entire 35 minute period for everyone to fold and cut it correctly. I made the template attached to this post and used it with my 6th graders the next day. We were ready to work in approximately 5 minutes 🙂 So much better!

This foldable has 6 doors on it. On each door, the students wrote a step of the Scientific Method and on the inside wrote down what it means. On the back students labeled it “Scientific Method”. We did this the first month of school and I have a lot of students who still reference it when we are doing labs.

If you are interested in the blank foldable, click on the picture below to download the PDF.

I was also nominated for the Liebster Award by TWO awesome blogs, Ms. D at Superlative Six  and Lauren at Life in Middle School

Thanks so much! I was so surprised to be nominated by BOTH of you 🙂 The rules are you have to thank the person who nominated you, nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers (good thing I can’t figure out GFC or anything and I have ZERO followers hahaha) and post it on your blog.

Hmmmm I am going to nominate (I chose extras– I couldn’t choose just 5!):

  1. Loose Shoelaces
  2. The Science Penguin
  3. The Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher
  4. Mathy Cathy
  5. Caught in the Middle 
  6. The Bubblegum Tree

*Edit: I am having SO much trouble with links in this post for some reason. It keeps deleting them and not showing up correctly. If your link isn’t working please let me know ASAP!*

Hope everyone has a GREAT, long weekend! Any big plans? Lots of GIANTS FOOTBALL and resume/cover letter/ job search action over here 🙂



4 responses to “6 Door Foldable- Scientific Method/Inquiry Cycle

  1. I’m loving these foldables for older students! I am really going to make an effort to use on of the ones you shared with my class this week. Thanks for sharing all of those time-saving templates, they will be SO helpful.

    My big plans are to watch the Pats in the playoffs tonight…I love playoff season!! Happy weekend

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me for the Liebster award! I’m playing catch up today on my day off.

  3. Dudette this is awesome, love the energy and spirit! Mr. Norris

  4. This is great! I have the same issue with foldables in my classroom— they take forever to cut out! Thanks for the template. That was a fabulous idea.

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