Energy Sources Match Up

Part of the 6th Grade New York State curriculum is energy sources. As an end of chapter review, my class did an energy sources cut and past match up. For some reason, my students LOVE these cut and paste activities….maybe it reminds them of being in like 1st grade or something. After the class completed the activity in their notebooks, I created this chart on chart paper and wrote all of the sources on post-its. Students got to come up and place the energy source in the correct category and explain to the class why it belongs in the category.

Excuse the wrinkled mess. One class that uses my classroom afterschool loves to pull posters and charts off my boards and leave them on the floor.

I don’t have a picture of a student created worksheet, but click on the picture below to download the PDF file. I managed to fit 5 sets of types of energy sources on a page so you only have to make a few copies per class.




2 responses to “Energy Sources Match Up

  1. I just discovered your blog! I am going to use some of your foldable for a student I tutor in math. The problem solving key words forldable will be perfect! Thanks for sharing!!

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