Just Because It’s Saturday….

For a four day week, this has been QUITE a week! I enjoyed a wonderful Monday off, where I spent (a lot of money) at Target and went to the gym…I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day creating science activities!! On Tuesday, I had to leave school early because I almost passed out, in class, from the flu shot I got the day before. FUN. Today I had my last NY State certification exam. So boring.

That being said, we have been doing some super cool things in school lately! I will be sharing them this coming week.  I will leave you with some random thoughts for the day! Real posts the rest of the week…starting this afternoon! I promise!

  1. Love fashion? Love beauty? Check out my BFF Amanda’s blog!! All our Loves. She’s so cool! I want to be her when I grow up!
  2. Giants. Oh man, the Giants. I love the Giants! I have so much anxiety about the game tomorrow!
  3. It’s almost Chinese New Year! Luckily, Chinese New Year falls during Catholic Schools Week this year, where we do lots of fun activities all week, so I don’t feel bad cutting science a little short to celebrate with my class! I have a math activity planned and since most of my 6th graders are Year of the Dragon, and it’s their lucky year, we need to have a real party!
  4. I love teaching my algebra students about linear equations in slope-intercept form! YAY!!
  5. It’s snowing for pretty much the first time this year (except for Halloween)! I hate snow 😦
  6. This is the one area of my classroom that is still just as organized as it was at the beginning of the year.
  7. I love Pinterest!
  8. I joined the Be My Valentine Exchange…did you?

Have a great weekend! Any big plans?!



3 responses to “Just Because It’s Saturday….

  1. I love your blog. You have awesome ideas. I teach math and science at a catholic school too!!

  2. Your cabinet looks great. I will forgive you for liking the Giants who beat our Packers last weekend. 😉

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