Estimating Metric Measurement

Sweet Baby Jesus, I love the Giants!

I teach the metric system in both math and science and not going to lie, it isn’t one of my favorite things to teach! I have a lot of different activities that I do with the students and one that I have found helpful is this metric measurement activity.

Students work with a small group and estimate the length of different objects at different stations. I use objects I find around the room– different books, shoes, snacks, etc. They have to estimate and then find the actual measurement. There are some follow up questions too that focus on the importance of estimation and working as a group. This activity is usually complete in about one period! Click on the picture below to download the 2 page PDF!

Happy Monday!


One response to “Estimating Metric Measurement

  1. Hi Kate! I linked up to your “tag” game at

    Also—where do you teach in NY? I’m from the Albany area! Also—I did NOT forget about getting that PowerPoint but I cannot find my flash drive at the moment and it is too huge to email! I will get on that ASAP tomorrow! Thanks again and hope your week is off to a great start (the Giants win sure helped I’m sure!!)

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