Metric Measurement of Me

Sorry I have been sporadic with posting this week. Giants victory on Sunday night has left we all sorts of exhausted and behind this week…ok, wait that isn’t a valid excuse? Oops!

Anyway, on to more mathy things…I use this easy “Measurement of Me” activity to help students with metric estimation. Students measure different parts of their body (haha…seriously! STOP IT! You’re so immature, readers) and record the metric measurements. Students then estimate using the visuals that they created. I love the metric system SO much and I wish we used it in America. My students on the other hand have had very little exposure to it, with the exception of my awesome student who moved to America from Malta this summer, and have no concept of metric units of length.

Try out this activity for yourself! Click on the picture below to download the PDF!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Enjoy!


One response to “Metric Measurement of Me

  1. Perfect, just in the nick of time lesson for my fourth graders!
    Thank you

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