Create a Number Line

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! This weekend has been a perfect mix of relaxations, Parks and Rec and shopping 🙂 Can’t go wrong, right? I have been working on school things all morning and have somehow successfully avoided grading 30 eight page Math 8 and Algebra exams. Oops….later tonight..I promise! Today is going to be a busy Sunday! “Church” aka handing out meals to homeless people this afternoon and Valentine’s preparations this evening (oh yea, and those math tests…)

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite projects that I do with my 6th graders to help them understand negative and positive integers. Each student gets to make his or her own number line! I use those dot stickers you can buy everywhere for garage sales, etc and cheesy foil teacher stickers. Just a heads up, I almost spend like $10 on a pack of those color dot stickers at Staples, but found them for $1 a pack at the GROCERY STORE.

Students follow instructions and create their own color coded number lines and label opposites. Actually constructing it and counting the spaces from zero that each number is helps students grasp the concept that -1 is bigger than -3! Students keep them in their binders all year as a reference.

Because I know that not everyone wants to go out and buy stickers, I create two other versions. One has cute out shapes that are already colored in that students can glue. The other is the same shapes except that they are black and white. Students can color, label and glue on the number line. All versions are included in the PDF below.

Enjoy your Sunday!


One response to “Create a Number Line

  1. GREAT activity! Thank-you so much for sharing. Integers can be such a tricky concept for my sixth graders, too.

    Runde’s Room

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