Making Sense of Inverse Operations

HIIIIIIIII! It’s been so long! What a crazy week it has been! I am lucky enough to have all of next week off for “Winter Recess”…whatever that is. I will be spending the week (hopefully) going to the gym, applying for jobs and preparing for state exams that are coming up in April. Wish me luck 🙂

When I teach solving one and two step equations, I am that mean teacher that INSISTS that students use inverse operations and SHOW ALL WORK in order to solve equations. Teaching grades 6-9 math, I know how much students struggle with multi-step equations if they are used to solving easy one step equations in their heads or without showing proper work. When I start off one step equations with my 6th graders, we did this activity as a Do Now. It helped students make their own inferences about inverse operations and see WHY the work we weredoing works out. Click on the picture below to download the PDF.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy!


2 responses to “Making Sense of Inverse Operations

  1. Love it!! I am a firm believer in using self-discovery and inferences to teach math concepts. Knowing the “why” is important too! Fab job 🙂

  2. I just finished two-step equations with my 7th grade regular math classes. I too make them show their work and check it! They lose points if the inverse operation is not shown on both sides. The best way I have achieved mastery learning for them is to have them do a graded assignment where they have to get five in a row perfect to be done. There are 12 problems on the page and they can do as few as five and as many as 12. I do have to say that the 8th grade teachers always tell us that the kids come in knowing two-step equations really well.

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