Happy Presidents Day!

I love Presidents. Maybe as much as Heather. I sometimes shock my students with my Presidential knowledge. They don’t understand how their Math and Science teacher can know so much about Benjamin Harrison. How quickly they forget that I a) have no life b) WAS THEIR SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER LAST YEAR. My homeroom had a decorate a pumpkin like a president contest last year. It was awesome. Remind me to post pictures from that one day. Did I mention they were learning about Ancient civilizations in Social Studies that year? Oops.

In New York we are lucky…we not only have Presidents Day off, we have the entire week off! YAYAYAYAYAY for a week off…except state testing is coming up awfully soon and I would like to be preparing my students right now.

Anyway……luckily my awesome boyfriend loves Presidents more than me. Every time we go some place, we visit any and all Presidential homes, monuments, grave sites, etc.

Sagamore Hill- Teddy Roosevelt's Home

HAHAHA first faux date. American flag umbrella! We were babies!!

Okay, but I mean who goes to an Abe Lincoln exhibit on their first date?! Us. Duh.

Hyde Park-- FDR!

Oldddd Kinderhook! I love you, Martin Van Buren

James A. Garfield

Benjamin Harrison-- no that's not him in the picture, that's my BFF JESS!!

Ok, not to bore you with any more pictures of my nerdy adventures…

I created this fun presidential crossword puzzle activity for my 7th and 8th graders last year. I had them complete it the last week of school, because I am that mean teacher that absolutely refuses to turn the entire month of June into a free for all of movies and parties and making students clean my classroom. Students worked in the computer lab to research and make a crossword puzzle about a specific President. I gave them a booklet of all of the crossword puzzles at the end of the year…which I am 100% sure ended up in the garbage. Click on the picture below to download the handout.

Any big plans for your day off?!


3 responses to “Happy Presidents Day!

  1. BOOYAH! Happy Happy DAY, my friend! xoxox

  2. I freakin’ love learning about the Presidents!!!! I have an entire collection of fun fact books about the presidents and the states–another topic I love learning about! I am wayyyy jealous that you live where you can go to exhibits and actual homes!

    We are totally BFF!!

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