Operations with Fractions Review!!

Sometimes I want to post and I have no idea how to begin. Sometimes (like today), I just want to post an activity that is pretty much self explanatory, but I find myself feeling like I need to write a bunch of nonsense.

This is all..

In October, my school takes the Iowa Tests which are standardized exams that measure the student’s math and reading abilities. I like to review operations with decimals and fractions with all of my students. Regardless of how awesome and engaging my fraction lessons are the previous year, they always need a review.

I had a hard time finding a comprehensive fraction review without throwing tons of worksheets at my kids and boring those who actually remembered what I taught them (what? is that a real thing?!). I created the worksheet below and have used it for the past two years. If it is something that you can use, definitely download it and share it with your students!!


3 responses to “Operations with Fractions Review!!

  1. Wait – WHAT GOES IN THE BLANKS?! Keep change WHAT!! How am I supposed to sleep tonight/breathe with no air?! Omg I love how you post amazing handouts (dittos?) right before I was going to make a sub-par version myself! You’re so smart!

  2. Kate!
    This is PERFECT for us as we review for The Test. Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, what program/font do you use to get your fractions to look so perfect?

    Thanks for making my life easier… again!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. Kate! Thanks for the freebie! My fourth graders will benefit from this…well up to the multiplying fractions part! I love how you incorporated a little close sentences you put in! Fantastic post! I am your newest follower!

    One Teacher’s Take

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