Density Demonstration

First of all, I would like to say hello to SPRING BREAK!! Yesterday was a half day. We went to mass in the morning and had like 2 1/2 hour classes and then we were done 🙂 Perks of working in a Catholic school= 1.5 Week long Spring Break!! YAY!! I have lots of plans that mainly include chilling, watching Dance Moms and hanging out with my Teacher BFF CAITLIN who is coming to visit for Easter from Pennsylvania! I will be bullying her into some guest posts because she actually is the best math teacher. EVER.

I just wanted to quickly post this morning before I ran off across the street to my coworker’s house to help finish up the yearbook. We are working on density with my 6th graders and to start off, I did the ever popular density demonstration. Most science teachers do this at one point or another, but you would think my kids have never seen it. They loved it! I forgot to snap a picture of it though. I used: Honey, light corn syrup, rubbing alcohol, water, oil and dish soap. I did die the water and rubbing alcohol so it was easier to see.

Each student got a lab sheet and made predictions about the order. I recreated the picture of the beaker on chart paper and used post-its to let students come up and make predictions. We then recorded the actual results on a duplicate chart.

This demo is great for older and younger kids. Click on the picture below to download the PDF file.



One response to “Density Demonstration

  1. Can’t wait to see what your friend has to share! Enjoy your Easter. I am headed to TN for break and I CANNOT WAIT! 🙂

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