Types of Lines and Angles Activity

Thanks for all of your sweet comments about my last post! I made most of my geometry unit on my own. I will definitely be sharing some of the things, but I am thinking of finally taking the plunge and opening a TPT or TN store. Any suggestions on which is better?!

Anyway….State testing is this week and next week. This week is ELA so I am administering the test to one of the students who has an IEP. During this time there is a sub in my room. My kids are getting spoiled with lots of BrainPOP and other sub type activities. One activity they will be doing tomorrow is based on this pin:

Click on the image for original source

I created my own document to suit the needs of my students. I also hate making things on construction paper!! I feel like they fade and rip so easily! Students will glue toothpicks to represent each type of line or angle. They will then use neon dot labels ($1/pack at Walmart!) to show points, endpoints and cut them in quarters for arrows.

Click on the picture below to download the PDF file.



5 responses to “Types of Lines and Angles Activity

  1. I saw this pin, too – it’s definitely on my list. I have both a TPT and TN store – I get WAY more sales and traffic on TPT (WAY more). If you’re interested, you can send me an email (jenrunde@yahoo(dot)com) and I can tell you more.

    Runde’s Room

  2. You get subs so you can administer state testing one on one for students on IEPs? SO. INCREDIBLY. JEALOUS.

  3. So thrilled to have discoverd you! Love everything you do and your energy and enthusiasm are infectious :-). In love with your fonts, too. Do you mind sharing what you used on “Special Lines” pdf? Looks like one in the title and another in the boxes. Thanks!! mannms@mail.santarosa.k12.fl.us

  4. Thank you so much for the idea! I LOVE IT! I am implementing math notebooks next year…this is a perfect addition! ❤

  5. Hi I am from Ontario and I teach Grade 7 and 8. I love everything that you make! I would love for you to open a Teachers Pay Teachers account. I would buy all of your math and science item! Thanks again! I love opening your site each day and seeing something new!

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