Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day!! I have been meaning to post all weekend, but my cousin/BFF was in New York searching for bridesmaid dresses for her wedding! We finally ordered one this morning!! I can’t wait for it to come it!!

This has been a crazy/busy week in school. The 4th and 8th graders have been taking their NYS ELA exam. Because we are a Catholic school we are only required to test in certain years. The 3rd grade teacher does all of the test coordinating and I know it is a TON of work. My 6th graders are buddied up with the 3rd graders and sometimes we do activities together. I volunteered to plan a little Earth Day activity for a period on Friday for both of our classes. It was a huge hit! I love seeing my students work with the younger students.

First, each table of students got a sheet of chart paper and brainstormed ways to take care of the earth. All of the kids got to participate and did a great job of coming up with ideas.

After discussing the ideas, each student filled out this super cute Earth Day pledge that I saw floating around pinterest. They decorated it and we hung them up. We challenged the students to choose ideas that they, themselves could implement.

When they completed the pledge, each student made 2 mini bird feeders by stringing Cheerios on pipe cleaners. Unfortunately our school doesn’t have any trees (or grass for that matter) so the students had to bring them home to hang up.

We all had a great time with these activities! Now off to finish getting ready for the week. MATH testing starts on Wednesday!!


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