Triple Beam Balance Practice

Ahhhh Math state testing is FINALLY over! I think it went well, but we’ll see. My 6th graders have been practicing using the triple beam balance and they are doing a great job! They are LOVING it! Over 2 lab periods, the students worked with their groups to find the mass of 6 different objects determined by me. They then got to choose a few different object as a group to find the mass of.

On the back of their labs, they each wrote a paragraph for homework describing how to use a triple beam balance. Overall I was so pleased with how well they worked and all of the students can independently find the mass of an object. Next week they will be having their first of lab practical type of exam where they will be moving from station to station to find mass, volume and density of different object. I have never attempted this with my 6th graders so we will see how it goes!

Click on the picture below to download the PDF of this activity.

Enjoy your weekend!


2 responses to “Triple Beam Balance Practice

  1. Stealing. Thank you 🙂

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