Quadrilateral Tree

Both my 6th and 7th graders are working through the geometry unit. One thing that really throws them off is the fact that quadrilaterals can be classified as more than one special quadrilateral. A square is also a rectangle? WHAT?! NO!

To help them out, we created this quadrilateral tree together. I used my SMARTboard to create a large version of these pieces and we worked together to put it together. Of course I couldn’t resist lots of Astrobrights!

Click on the picture below to download the PDF.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I had a wonderful, relaxed weekend and I am super excited for this week! I will be out Thursday and Friday because I will be watching my younger brother graduate in PALM BEACH, FLORIDA! Yay!!


4 responses to “Quadrilateral Tree

  1. Jacquie Neill

    Hi Kate. I was wondering if you could explain to me how this tree works. I want to really understand so that I can teach it to my 4th graders. Also, I guess I don’t understand how a rectangle’s sides are congruent. Thank you so much for your time.

  2. This is great! I bet it’s supposed to be rectangles have parallel sides. Just guessing. we just finished our geometry unit, but I will use this to review before state tests.

  3. Elisabeth Farnsworth Krzymowski

    I just created a tree almost identical to this while I was teaching my third graders today. Thanks for sharing your work. I need to borrow from others that are more tech savvy than me. I am going to have them recreate what they wrote in their notes with your perfect quadrilaterals–ours were hand drawn and not so perfect.

  4. Hi this web was awesome! I just used it for my 6th graders and it really helped them make connections between the quadrilaterals and properties. One thing though, the properties that you have on the example for rectangle & square should be reversed! Squares- 4 sides that are congruent and 4 angles measure 90 degrees / Rectangles- 4 angles measure 90 degrees. Easy fix!

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