3D Mobiles

This week and next week have been crazy at school. EVERYONE is sick. Also, most of our students in grades 6-8 are in our drama production this coming weekend and at any given time I have like 10 kids out practicing.

As an assessment for 3D solid figures, students created 3D mobiles! I used the free 3D nets from TpT and reduced the size to print 2 per page. Students had to color, cut out, and put together 8 different shapes. They then filled out information cards with the shape name, base, number of vertices, edges and faces.

Students then taped each shape and card to pieces of yarn and hung them off a hanger. I am grading these as their assessment for the chapter.

Click on the picture below to download the information cards.

P.S. Look what I just found for FREE on TPT! Awesome!!


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