Top Ten Things…

Before every chapter test, I have the students pull all of the notes they need to study and turn them into a study packet. I collect their packets at each exam and give them 5 points for having complete notes. I then keep their note packets in math folders, which I store in the classroom.

Tomorrow is one of our last days of school. I am going to hand back all of their packets to {hopefully} use as a reference next year. Students will be working on this cute “Top 10 Things I Learned in Math Class”.

Students are going to be challenged to look through their notes from the past year and pull 10 concepts that they are proud that they learned or think are important for next year. They will write about the concept and an example.

I know most people are done with school already, but maybe save it for next year? 🙂

Click on the picture below to download!


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