Remember when I was all “I am TOTALLY going to post EVERYDAY!!!!!!”?

Yea me too.

Remember when my hangingonbyathread macbook basically died on me this week?!

Yea. About that.

I’m trying to work up the courage to withdraw large amounts of money out of my savings account to buy that new laptop I have been talking about for 2 years.

Besides that, yesterday was the last day of school! YAY! I love summer vacation. So far I have slept in until 8! Ran in the 90 + degree weather! Pinned a bunch of things. Thought about writing thank you notes. Planned a wine tasting trip. You know, the usual.

Oh yea, and I attempted to make this:

click for source

It came out ok. The one in the pin looks much better.

Even with all of these computer problems, I PROMISE there will still be a giveaway tomorrow 🙂 Thanks to my mom (who reads my blog even though she hates math worksheets) and lets me use her totally awesome, not dying computer!

PS Macbook Pro or Air. All I do is download fonts, make worksheets and listen to gangsta rap (and Call Me Maybe) on iTunes. Thoughts?


10 responses to “WOW.

  1. Hi Kate!
    I’ve missed you. I cannot believe school just finished for you. YIKES! When do you start back, late Sept? I have no recs for you, but will tell you I had to turn in my Macbook for summer updates I am DYING having to use our Dell desktop. Boo! I should have my Macbook back in a couple of weeks. All my cool fonts are on it.

  2. If you don’t need a CD-rom then go with the MacBook Air. I have the 11 inch MacBook Air and I LOVE IT!!! I have the MacBook Pro also, but the MacBook Air is light weight, easy to put into any bag, and take it anywhere. Hope this helps.

  3. I second the 11″ Air. It is so light! I always take a ton of stuff home and the air keeps my bag light. I don’t mind taking it everywhere with me because it’s so small. It fits in my larger pocketbook when I just want to bring it to the coffee shop.

    • Thank you SO Much for the advice! I keep asking my non-teacher friends and they insist I need to pro, but I honestly don’t use my computer for anything but blogging and school stuff!

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  5. I agree with the Air also. It’s current specs are good enough to handle any of my teaching requirements, and I expect a lot out of my computers.

  6. Hi Kate. I recently came across your blog VIA Pinterest and I am addicted! I love reading your posts and looking at your ideas for teaching. Good luck at your new public school job. LIke you I have never taught at a school where any taught what I teach. I am sure you are going to love it! I teach 6-8 math. A LOT with 3 different grades.

    In regards to your Macbook Air vs Pro…. I was in that debate 2 years ago and I went with the Pro. All the specs at that time were better for the Pro. It was just over $100 more for the Pro than the Macbook and there were so many more bonuses like the keyboard back light, and the more megapixel screen.

    The only thing that I do not like about Macs and it is not even an Apple issue, is that ExamView (not sure if you use this) cannot be used on the newest version of Apple software. I use one of the PCs in my school to make test from that software. Other than that I LOVE THEM!

    GO PRO!

    Not sure what I would like from your giveaway, I just like reading and getting ideas to adapt to my subject area and I am addicted to the Math Journal ideas, and foldables!

    Looking forward to the next post!


  7. Hi Kate,
    First of all thanks for all of your awesome ideas!!!
    I invested in a MacBookPro and absolutely love it. I was tempted by the MacBook Air however, my husband reminded me that I’m constantly on the go and (he thinks) that I abuse my computers as I’m throwing them in my bags to run back and forth from school. So, he thought the AIr wouldn’t stand up to my “abuse.” I have had no problems with the MacBook Pro at all and was fortunate enough to have a buying program through our school district. It was broken down into manageable payments that come right out of my pay check. You might want to check into whether your new district would offer a computer purchasing program like that. Good luck and enjoy your summer!

  8. Peggy Paulson

    My daughter thought she would be happy with the air and is NOT! Go with the pro- i know she misses several things she used to be able to do!

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