A little out of the ordinary

Pinterest is probably one of my true loves. No joke. Like most people who use Pinterest, I pin a million things and so rarely buy and/or make what I find.

I am NOT a good cook, but I am pretty good at baking! My mom & I are making a concious effort to each healthier and I have actually made a few AWESOME healthy-ish (emphasis on the “ish) desserts.

Click on the picture below to bring you to the recipe.

Mini Red, White and Blue cheesecakes. These were absolutely delicious! I made them for the 4th of July and everyone loved them– including my Dad who usually does not like any of my healthy desserts.

Frozen Banana Popsicles. Also a delicious schnack! So easy to make!

Holy Baby, Jesus. THIS. Funfetti dip. I made this for a BBQ with my boyfriend’s office and everyone was raving about it. It’s made with a cake mix, plain FF yogurt and light Cool Whip. That’s it. At the BBQ, I served it with Teddy Grams and Animal Crackers, but at home I ate it with fresh fruit. Make this. Right now. That’s all.

This is the actual version I made.

Have you made anything delicious (and healthy?!) lately?!


4 responses to “A little out of the ordinary

  1. That dip looks amazing!

  2. Is that funfetti dip for real or only in my best dreams? I can’t WAIT to try it!

    Also, I’d eat those cheesecakes like m&ms.
    Miss you pretty!

  3. I made that dip, too! Your suggestion was the hit of the party. And I took all the credit. Just kidding! I love you!

  4. The funfetti dip looks SOOOOOOOOOO good! So good. Off to make it now 🙂

    Teaching in Room 6

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