Top 5 Teacher Must Haves

I am LOVING this “Top 5 Teacher Must Haves” link party over at Life is Sweet…In Kindergarten

It was hard to choose JUST 5, but here are my favorites:

#1 Plastic Shoe Boxes

I got all of these from the Dollar Tree and they were a life saver this year. I labeled all of the boxes and sorted my supplies in them. They kids knew they were only allowed to get out a box with permission and they were GREAT about putting things back where they belonged.

#2 Plastic Paper Bins from Really Good Stuff

Last year I was hesitant about laying out the money for these, but they were well worth the investment! I absolutely love these baskets and they help keep the students and me organized! They still look brand new after a full year of wear and tear πŸ™‚

#3 AstroBrights Paper

I usually buy reams of this NEON paper from Michael’s with a 40% off coupon. I make most of my own signs and decorations for my room using this paper. I also make a lot of foldables for my students with it. It does cost a little more, but they love it!

#4 Sharpie Flip Chart Markers

I just discovered these at the end of the year…don’t get me wrong, I love my Mr. Sketch markers, but these are AMAZING. I found them on sale at Staples and bought them on a whim while getting some chart paper for my demo lesson. The colors are rich and they really don’t bleed through chart paper.

#5 Stickers!

All kinds of stickers! Even though I don’t teach little kids, my middle schoolers love stickers! I have a huge drawer full. All graded work with a “B” or higher gets a sticker. I give out stickers for completed homework. I give out stickers for correct answers to questions in class. I am always changing up what stickers I am giving out– Michael’s has some great pads of stickers for $1 each. It’s the little things that motivate them sometimes πŸ™‚

What are your top 5 must haves?!


One response to “Top 5 Teacher Must Haves

  1. Hey there!

    I hope you can join me in my “Preparing for School” linky party @ {6th Grade} All-Stars

    Mrs. Crouse πŸ™‚

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