Well that escalated quickly…

…$130 later, my trip to Target yesterday added up quite quickly! Oops! In all fairness I bought a new duvet set I needed and a huge magnetic white board for my desk area.

I swore to myself I was looking for two things– 15 packs for Crayola markers (ONLY if the they were on sale for $1 each) and those plastic book bins in the dollar spot that are a total rip off of Lakeshore haha. I got both things I was looking for….and all of this!

Seriously?! The neon buckets are to make little recycling bins…which is totally on my Summer To-Do list so that counts, right? And the little supply buckets with handles will be great for cooperative learning groups.

And you all know I can’t resist some good stickers, right? And cute pencils? And erasers? And whatever else I could find…that I obviously NEEDED!

Oh yeah, and I did get those markers 🙂 Next trip, it’s time to stock up on colored pencils!

What have you bought for your classroom lately? ENABLE ME PLEASE!!!!


8 responses to “Well that escalated quickly…

  1. I’m totally jealous that you have a TARGET. I live in the middle of NO where and there is NO Target. 😦 I”m a first year Jr High Teacher and wondering if teachers in those grades make their room cute. Mine is totally going to be cute so I guess oh well if others don’t huh. I’ve bought all kinds of stuff and I FINALLY got to see my room today.

  2. Shoe box tubs. Lots and lots of ’em! I’ve tried letting my students keep their school supplies in their desks, I’ve tried communal supplies…and both failed. Stuff disappeared like nobody’s business. So this year, everyone gets a box to put their supplies in, and they only get the box out if we need something out of it. Fingers crossed that this will be the winning solution!

    Will Grade For Coffee

  3. Just got back from a trip… I bought index card holders, oh and $1 POCKET CHARTS!!! I am thrilled with these. Many black mead composition notebooks, glue, pencil sharpeners, stickers, oh and that fun duct tape in all types… yep, I have the bug too.
    But for my sanity… I buy a little each trip that way I psyche myself out thinking I am spending too much. Today In spent $15 and I can justify that.

    Hodges Herald

  4. I haven’t let myself near Target for awhile now because I know what will happen–the same thing!! Though it really isn’t a bad thing (aside from the money spending) because you found a ton of awesome things!!! LOVE the containers!

  5. I just love Target! I never leave there without spending $100. Ha!

  6. I agree about the printed duct tape. I’ve found like 100 uses for it! I love new mechanical pencils & a pretty desk calendar.
    Today, I started school CLOTHES shopping. After wearing maternity clothes all year last year, I’m having a blast {and spending too much!}

    LOVE YOU. xo

  7. Love it! I’ve had the hubby build me new under-the-board shelves, clear shoe boxes for a major organizational overhaul, spray paint (to repurpose boring black stacking trays), fabric for curtains, more crates for files, calculator pocket chart, a personal laminator (for thicker laminating), OMG……WAY TOO MUCH! :/ LOL


  8. I was at Target today and spent almost $100.00. It was well worth it though! I got small containers that I can hang on each students’ desk to hold Interactive Notebook supplies (like scissors, a glue stick, and highlighters). I’m so excited! I also got a bunch a paper trays. Target is the best!

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