Upper Grades Number of the Day- Giveaway!

This weekend I will be away in Massachusetts for my cousin/best friend’s bridal shower! I feel so honored to be her Maid of Honor and can’t wait for this special weekend! Because I am the worst blogger ever, I didn’t even think to set up any posts. I decided to quickly set up a few giveaways for while I am gone with products from my TpT store! Each day this weekend I will post about a product from my store and the first person to answer the question in the comments will have the product e-mailed to them 🙂 Sound fun? I know right.

The first product is one of my favorites! One of the more popular posts on my blog has been my decimal of the day activity! It’s a QUICK decimal review each morning. I decided to make a pack with all different math concepts as well to use throughout the year. I am so excited to implement this this year. The pack includes: *Decimal of the Day *Fraction of the Day *Polynomial of the Day *Number of the Day *Exponent of the Day *Triangle of the Day (easy trig) *Circle of the Day *Polygon of the Day *Variable Expression of the Day *Angle of the Day and “Of the Day” posters for the classroom. It can be found in my TpT store.

Want a free copy? Answer this question: What is your favorite fraction lesson to teach? Tell me more!!




30 responses to “Upper Grades Number of the Day- Giveaway!

  1. I love exploring fractions with food!

  2. I love teaching comparing fractions. Some students need to draw it out, others can “see” certain fractions therefore comparing it in their head, while others may know how to cross-multiply to compare.

  3. I like teaching changing mixed numerals to improper fractions because we use a strategy called “the Texas Two Step” and living in Texas, well, they LOVE it. It’s just x then +, but because its two steps, we call it “the Texas 2 Step” The kids love it and we get our groove on when we do it. (now that really is funny!)

    enjoy your weekend away!

    Hodges Herald

  4. I love teaching fractions by telling stories, even for fourth graders! I write several fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/5 1/8, etc. on the board and tell them how there is student named Fiona First grader that believes that 1/8 is greater than 1/2. Students decide whether they agree/disagree in pairs.

    We prove of disprove it by telling a story about pie or other food item that a student (insert name) is ready to eat – one whole drawn on the board. Then there’s a knock on the door and another student shows up. We draw a new cookie and divide it and record what fraction each person would get. Students quickly realize that the larger denominator does not indicate a “bigger” piece. This is a great way to begin to understand equivalent fractions too!

  5. I love teaching equivalent fractions, especially when I show them the multiplying by a whole trick. :o)

  6. I love multiplying and dividing fractions! I love how they squirm in fear and the thought of how horrifically hard it will be, only to revel in amazement at their own brilliance!

    Will Grade For Coffee

  7. My favorite fraction lesson to teach is dividing fractions. I teach my students a process called Keep Change Flip (KCF). We discuss that we never divide frations. We Keep the first fraction exactly the same. We change the division sign to multiplication. Then we flip the second fraction. From this point my students can cancel or multiply and simplify. My students always make the connection to KFC so I can give a hint about chicken and they remember the process immediately.

  8. This is probably silly, but I like to teach dividing fractions because I get a secret little thrill everytime I get to say “flip and multiply!” I love the way it feels rolling off my tongue. 🙂 Of course, the students get the concept, too, because they remember how goofy their teacher was when they learned it.

  9. I like teaching multiplication because the kids find it so easy after pulling through addition and subtraction.

  10. I enjoy teaching dividing fractions. I bring back “Keep-Change-Change” from subtracting integers. We “keep” the first fraction the same, “change” the division sign to multiplication, and “change” the second fraction to its reciprocal. My students like using “KCC” again.

  11. I enjoy teaching equivalent fractions using manipulatives – fraction tiles, fraction circles, etc. It it even more fun when we make recipes in class, but need to convert the recipes (I.e. 1/4 cup = 2/8 cups).
    I love your blog:). You have great ideas and wonderful resources!


  12. I like teaching dividing fractions by drawing models. Thanks for sharing your ideas 🙂

  13. I like teaching subtraction with regrouping! It’s by far the ‘hardest’ thing I teach, and I love those light-bulb moments when they realize it’s really just subtraction like they’ve always done!

    Inside this Book

  14. I enjoy teaching equivalent fractions and all the different manipulatives you can use to help kids learn them. My favorite is cuisinaire rods. There are so many fun things that students can do with them!

  15. It is funny that you posed this question. I was just talking with my husband about my favorite math lessons to teach. He called me a nerd! 🙂
    My favorite fraction lesson to teach is dividing fractions. A way that we help the kids remember the steps is- “change the sign, and flip the second guy.” One of the teachers in our building came up with that saying and it stuck!

    Thanks for all of the ideas and resources that you post on your blog. I have really enjoyed incorporating some of the ideas into my lessons!

  16. I am excited to teach multiplying and dividing fractions this coming year with Carnegie Learning. I feel like they do a much better job with conceptual understanding. We did a sample 6th grade lesson during training and I was blown away. Technically with common core, that will be taught in 6th grade, but I know I will need to build that conceptual understanding with my incoming 7th graders this year because they will not have it.

  17. I love teaching comparing/ordering fractions using benchmarks (less than 1/2, equal to 1/2, more than 1/2, more than 1). So many great ideas to get them out of their seat and collaborating: human number line, find someone who, etc.

  18. I love teaching how fractions, decimals and percents are the same. My 4th graders are always surprised that you can divide a fraction (1 divided by 4 ), change it to a decimal, put it out to the 1ooths place to get a percent. WOW, they are always amazed!

  19. I love teaching equivalent fractions… Only because that’s one true connection I can make with my kids when they get their big ah-ha… I now see why 2/4 is the same as one half. (I got my ah-ha in college math methods! I was the generation taught without manipulatives :))

  20. Teaching fracrtions with time and money are my favorites!

  21. Cathy Wiederhold

    when teaching reciprocals I do a handstand in the classroom and have for 27 years at the same school, kind of a tradition

  22. I teach high school, both prealgebra (below grade level), and then Advanced Algebra,and Precalculus. So, while I would love it if my below grade level students understood fractions, I have to get them to be functional with fractions. So, I give them a multiplication chart or I have one posted in my room. (It’s amazing how quickly they forget when they can use a calculator as required by my district). Pick any two numbers on the left side of the multiplication table and then you have an instant equivalent fraction table. For example, if you pick 3 and 7, the left column is the fraction 3/7 under column headed by “4”, the fraction is now 12/28.


  23. I enjoy teaching equivalent fractions each year because it helps many students get over “fraction fear”

  24. I like teaching the addition and subtraction of fractions. The students always think they can’t do them because they look so difficult, and then are surprised when they find out how simple it is.

  25. I like teaching comparing fractions using cross multiplication, or “criss-cross applesauce”. I only teach it after they have mastered comparing fractions using 1/2 as a benchmark as well as comparing using common denominators…the students are always amazed at how easy it is to just cross multiply!

  26. I like multiplying fraction using models.

  27. We hand out king-size fraction cards and make a human # line! Make sure there are some equivalent fractions in there to really give them a workout!

  28. Angles simon says

  29. Honestly I hate teaching fractions. I never liked them, my own kids never liked them. But I think teaching comparing fractions is my favorite lesson. I use pizza as a hands-on lesson. We talk about and see how the bigger the denominator is, the smaller the pieces of pizza become. They are amazed!

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