6th Grade Math Common Core Poster AND A Trig Freebie!

Thanks for all of the comments this past weekend while I was away! If you were the first to comment, I will be sending you your file very soon!

I have been super busy working on prep for the new school year. I am PRAYING to be able to get into my classroom sometime soon, but I doubt it as our building is under construction. I have been spending way too much money at Office Max and Target and making way too many things!

I spent a good deal of time this afternoon working on 6th Grade Math Common Core posters! I have seen quite a few similar ones for grades K-5, but everyone seems to stop at grade 6. Because I didn’t find any I loved, I made my own 🙂 They are currently being sent to print at Office Max right now. I can’t wait to pick them up!! I have uploaded them into my TpT store for any other 6th grade math teachers who are interested!

And because everyone loves a good freebie, check out this Trig Exact Values Table I created. I am not teaching trig at all this year, but I thought it could be useful to the grade 8 and up crowd. I included tables with radians and degrees. Click on the picture below to download for free from my TpT store!


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