Another Post Today?

I hate myself for posting 2x today, but in all fairness, TpT wasn’t letting me upload anything yesterday. I will make this short and sweet 🙂 I added this {awesome} pack of TWELVE fraction foldables to my shop {28% off today!}:

Mega Fractions Foldable Pack

Oh yeah, and this FREE set of chalkboard headers! I made these for my class. I am in the process of having these printed and laminated. I plan on attaching these to my board and filling in the info each day. We rotate on a 6 day schedule, so I am going to put the numbers on a ring and flip each day. I am so excited! I hope you like them!

And because I can’t stop giving away free things, I will give away the Fraction Foldables to the first TWO people who comment on this post and let me know what you would like to see me make and post in the future. Thanks again for all of your support!!

Edit: Everyone who posted on this morning’s post, Sale Day 2, got what they requested 🙂 Check your email!


9 responses to “Another Post Today?

  1. I absolutely love your foldables… What software do you use to make them? Keep up the good work and good luck at your new job!

  2. Woo hoo! I’m on a roll! I’d love to see some word wall words for 6th grade ELA (shocker, right?)-I’m so excited that you made some for math!

    Will Grade For Coffee

  3. I feel like I am stalking you! I’d love the fraction foldables!!

  4. Love foldables!! Would love to see more for any other math topics!!

  5. Ohhhh! I wish I had been one of the first ones to comment! I would love love love the foldables! I am a homeschool mom trying to figure out how to start incorporating the interactive student notebooking method! Thanks for all your ideas, I’m sure I will figure it all out!

  6. I love the fraction foldables! They look like an incredible resource to have. Thanks for making/having awesome ideas!

  7. Loving those fraction foldables! Would be so great with my SpEd kids. Pinned them on Pinterest so I can remember to look back at them when I need them.

  8. Ugh….so wish I was one of the firsts! This is my first year making interactive journals…in fact, my class made the first one today! I am so excited and am thankful for you, all of your ideas are awesome! I would love an idea for classifying triangles! 🙂

  9. I just checked out your fraction foldables–LOVE them!!!!! How perfect for math notebooks! Well done! 🙂

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