TpT Shopping Spree!

I am SO excited to share some of the goodies I purchased at the TpT sale this past weekend! I seriously bought SO many things and found some amazing new shops to follow/fall in love with. TpT is seriously a life changing website! I have found so many amazing, engaging, AFFORDABLE lessons to share with my students! I never buy idea books anymore, because I know I can find the PERFECT lesson on TpT and I can support fellow teachers.

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin to share a small fraction of the items I purchased!

Click on each picture to take you to the product listing!

Classifying Coordinate Figures Go Fish Game. I may possibly own every product from this store– and they are ALL amazing!! PERFECT for middle school math teachers!

Leap Frog Number Line Game- Awesome for ordering fractions and decimals!

I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE! I just got them printed…I can’t wait to pick them up and laminate them! I will be using these to list my supplies each day on my board.

Absolute Value matching/partner cards. Absolute value is a huge theme in 6th grade math common core this year! I have so many plans for these!

Stem and Leaf Plot matching game. HOW COOL IS THIS?! I am so excited to use this with my kiddos!

OMG. This. Build-a-Board game. HOW AMAZING?! I have so many ideas for this. I highly recommend this product to any teacher!

Back to School Common Core worksheets! I love these to get a feel of what my students know and don’t know already! Super cute too!

Length of Summer Activity! I can’t wait to do this with my kids the first week!

Metric Conversion Cheat Sheet! Can’t wait to share this one!

Jenna Phillips (Caught in the Middle) makes some of my FAVORITE math and science products. Her products are amazing. Seriously. I think I own all of them.

What’s my Rule? Algebra Cards!

Algebra sort! This looks so fun!

Enrichment worksheets! I am thinking of having a few of these in a packet for each kid to keep in his or her folder. When they are finished early, they can take it out and work on it.

Now…a question for everyone…where do you do your color printing?! I have been getting it done at Office Max (which I LOVE because they treat teachers SO WELL) , but I was wondering if there was a cheaper place to get it done! I want to print a few copies of a bunch of these games I got to laminate and have ready during the year. Let me know!!
















7 responses to “TpT Shopping Spree!

  1. I totally agree with not buying idea books anymore. Now that most of us have Common Core, there are so many great sources out there. I LOVE TpT! You’re blog is awesome!

  2. Thanks for sharing your shopping spree, I just purchased all but one item! I am anxious to see where everyone goes for color printing! I noticed on your previous post that you scored 100 comp notebooks, did you find a staples that allows you to exceed the 20 item limit??

    • I actually got about 60 from office max! 2 weeks ago they were giving away 5 free with a $5 purchase. They let teachers get 20 for free so I got 20 and my mom who is a TA got 20! Then I sent my boyfriend and various family members to get another 20 for free 🙂 I bought 40 from Target for .50 each. I was totally working the system…opps 🙂
      ☼ Kate
      To The Square Inch

  3. You got fabulous stuff at the TpT sale. I bought the Length of the School Year project for my sixth grade kiddos– I’m going to use it when I go back in September to show them how long the school year can be.
    I’m so glad I discovered your blog. I’m a blogging newbie and I love your math notebook ideas. We have a new math program this year and I am using the composition books instead of binders. I’m so excited.
    If you have time, please check out my new blog and follow me:


  4. Thanks for the shout-out!!!! Those all look like neat finds! I’ve done a little color printing at Kinkos/Fedex using their online document uploader–so easy. I haven’t looked at Office Max prices though! I don’t really know what I’m paying at Kinkos but maybe I need to do a little shopping around….

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