Teacher Week! Monday Must Haves!

Check out the awesome Teacher Week Linky over at Blog Hoppin’ this week!

My teacher must haves?

#1 My MacBook Pro {and PowerPoint}

I seriously do EVERYTHING on this computer! I am so happy I bought a new MacBook this summer. Life changing!

#2 My Scotch Laminator

I bought this last year, but since my school had a laminator that was pretty accessible, I didn’t use it much. This summer I broke it out again and I have been laminating like CRAZY! I love it! The lamination is so much more durable than the thin lamination we had at school anyway.

#3 MARKERS! Of all kinds…

Crayola, Sharpies, Mr. Sketch…anything that is bright and colorful!


Seriously…how did I teach before Pinterest?!

#5 Office Max

I love Office Max. They treat teachers 100x better than Staples does!

What are your must haves?



One response to “Teacher Week! Monday Must Haves!

  1. Hi Kate:
    Were we separated at birth? I love your must haves. A portable hard drive or cloud access would also make my list.

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