Homework Passes v. Late Homework Passes

I have a love/hate relationship with homework passes….as in I really liked receiving them as a student, but hate giving them out as a teacher. I don’t give a ton of homework every night and I hate students thinking that an assignment isn’t important….but I totally get it that some nights the binder is accidentally left in class or soccer practice runs late or sometimes there is just too much work to do for all the classes combined and a HW pass gives a kid a break without consequences. I have seen some ideas floating around for “late hw passes” that give students an extra day or two to complete their assignment with no consequence. I am loving this idea! I did order some cute hw passes from Vista Print earlier the summer, but now I want Late HW Passes too!

I created some late HW passes and traditional homework passes today that I thought everyone would like. Click on the link below to download for free!



TN or TpT

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4 responses to “Homework Passes v. Late Homework Passes

  1. I like this! I may have to incorporate this into my routine. I’m going to see how this group of kiddos do on bringing their assignments back to class first. Thanks!

  2. I like the idea of a late HW pass for regular class (giving the student up to 2-4 nights extra to compete the HW). They are still getting the practice, but can do it assignment when they want.

    In my lab classes, I use “HW Passes” where my kids can work on HW (math or whatever) instead of working on what was planned for that period. These passes must be used before a certain day, and can not be redeemed during test review days or new topic days. They loved this idea 🙂

  3. These are awesome! Thanks so much!!! I love the idea of late hw pass!!!!

  4. I love these!! Just have to say really quick, I am a new math teacher (I’ve done reading for 7 years and was reassigned), so I am nervous about teaching it… I have found so many amazing ideas from your website, and bought some of them too! So excited to see what you come up with next — thank you!

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