I’m Going On Vacation…

…and all you get is a SALE a day {with potential to win a freebie!}

I am leaving momentarily for a 4 day trip upstate to the Adirondacks with my boyfriend and 2 of our good friends. I am super excited for a long weekend of kayaking, hiking, and eating ice cream. Each day that I am gone (from Thursday-Sunday), I will post one item that will be 25% off as well as an opportunity to WIN a free copy!

Today, I am offering 25% off my 3D Figures Notes and Activities Pack.

Check it out here!

Want to win a free copy? Answer the following question and I will pick a winner when I return:

What is your ALL TIME favorite school supply to buy? I love new MARKERS of any type!


9 responses to “I’m Going On Vacation…

  1. Although all school supplies seem to be my ultimate weakness (does anyone else have to hold back when they walk into Staples?), I love sticky notes. They come in great colors, shapes and sizes and I can find a million uses for them. So, if I had to pick only one, sticky notes would be it! 😉 Second runner-up- Sharpies.

  2. I love having new pens! I have to have lots of colors to choose from and different types to make everything I use them for have a bit of color!

  3. I love Sharpie’s!! Can’t have enough of them! Have fun on Vaca!

  4. It is so hard for me to choose…I am a bit obsessive about my school supplies. I guess it would post-it products. All teachers love sticky notes, but I also love the flags, sticky tabs, and labels:)

  5. Hot Pink large desk calendar from Big Lots. It is not the beginning of school if that pink calendar is not on my desk! And for $2, you can’t beat it!

  6. Leftovers!!!

  7. I love markers too! I bought new Mr. Sketch markers, Sharpies, Flip Chart Sharpies, and good old crayolas.

  8. Favorite school supply is any penny deal from the office supply stores! 🙂

  9. I can’t resist post it notes. I think I may need a 12 step program…

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