I’m On Vaca Day 2

Yep. I’m still on vacation 🙂

Today’s discount is on the awesome, MEGA Fractions Foldables Pack! Check it out here for 25% off.

OR I will pick on winner to receive it for free. Just leave a comment with the answer to this question: What blog(s) would you recommend to a new teacher?


7 responses to “I’m On Vaca Day 2

  1. Oh! And Frogs and Cupcakes is also a very good blog!

  2. Hi!
    It looks like maybe my 1st post didn’t go through, so I’ll write it again. I would recommend your blog for sure! Also Everybody is a Genius and Chalk Dust and Cheerios. All 3 of you are so creative and inspiring. I also like that you share your challenges with us, too.
    Just a note: Can you please share how you deal with classroom discipline?

  3. I would share so many. It’s hard to choose! Yours, Everybody is a Genius, Runde’s Room, Ladybug Teacher Files, Tales of Frog and Cupcakes… so many more. Is it bad to recommend mine? Ha

  4. I really like Middle School Math Rules and Finding Joy in 6th, in addition to those already listed:)


  5. It is so hard to choose only one. I tell everyone about your blog as it has the best math resources as well as Ladybug Teacher Files. Have a fun vacation!

  6. In addition to the ones mentioned, I would recommend the Clutter Free Classroom. She has great organizing tips that a new teacher could use.

  7. Yours, of course! I also love CFC and Life is better Messy. There are so many great blogs out there, who can choose just a few!?

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