I’m On Vaca Day 4

Ahhh last day of vacation…that means school stuff starts tomorrow!

Today’s discount is on the Comparing Integers, Absolute Value & Operations with Integers Notes & Activities! Check it out here for 25% off. This pack contains guided notes, independent practice and a foldable.

OR I will pick on winner to receive it for free. Just leave a comment with the answer to this question: What is your go-to lunch during the school week?


7 responses to “I’m On Vaca Day 4

  1. I’m making a few freezer meals off of pinterest, so I can grab and go. I brought my microwave from college to use in my classroom to make things super quick!

  2. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to work hard. I grab a yogurt and cheese stick from the fridge and a frozen meal from the garage freezer on the way to the car. I wish I was better about making food; when I do, I sure enjoy it more! I started a linky on my blog to gather recipes, but to no avail… *sigh*

    I’m so far behind on blogging, but I love this series! Thanks for all your great products!

  3. My lunches are never fancy, I’m too busy packing up my household and getting them on the bus at 6:45. It’s usually a sandwich and fruit– and DUNKIN coffee of course.
    I hope you had a great vacation!

  4. I get sliced meat from the deli packaged in 1/4lb each and a bag of sliced apples for most of my lunches. They are easy, prepacked but still healthy (at least compared to the school lunch I buy otherwise).

  5. My lunch is the same every.single.day in the winter: a huge bowl of homemade oatmeal with fruit mixed in (usually frozen blueberries or strawberries). It seems boring but I LOVE it, and it keeps me full all afternoon.

  6. Chicken salad from the grocery store deli. Eat on it for a couple of days-either make a sandwich or eat it with crackers.

  7. Sandwich and fruit or lean cuisine meals. Something that is easy prep and fast to eat in 20 minutes!

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