Some new things around here

#1 My iPhone camera isn’t saving pictures. It may have something to do with the fact that I have about 3000 pictures on it, but it is SO difficult to blog without it…I never have my point and shoot on me 🙂 I apologize for my lack of classroom posts!

#2 Oh baby Jesus, wedding planning is time consuming. I am lucky to have the best mama and best bridesmaids ever, but it’s really difficult to make myself do something boring for school when I can be designing engagement party invites.

#3 Remember when I used to teach Social Studies? Seriously. It was before I blogged. I actually really enjoyed it. My dear fiancé, D, has his masters in History. I have all of these ideas for cool Social Studies lessons, but I need him to help me with all the facts because he is a genius. We worked together on our very first super awesome, Everything you need to Teach About the 2012 Presidential Election packet. It has 25 awesome pages of activities for upper elementary and middle school students to get involved with the election and really find out what the candidates stand for. As cheesy as this sounds, one of the ONLY things I remember from 5th grade (besides a heinous teacher and an AMAZING student teacher) is the unit we did about the presidential election. Bill Clinton was running against Bob Dole hahaha. I seriously remember so much about the electoral college and the election process. Anyway, check this product out if you want to teach about the upcoming election.


TN or TpT

#4 I have been also working on some more of these mixed up equations activities.  Click on the links below to see my favorites 🙂


TN to TpT

TN or TpT

Ah! I absolutely love this one. My kids are LOVING it!

TN or TpT

#5 Ok I think that is it for now. This week is crazy busy, but hopefully next week calms down a little

#6 O yeah, want to win a free copy of the presidential pack? Or a mixed up equations pack? Leave me a comment with how you incorporate the presidential election into your curriculum– any grade level or subject…and I’ll pick a winner…or two…or three.. or whatever I feel like!


12 responses to “Some new things around here

  1. Oh I would love to win your election package! I work with ESL students in grades 1&2. There are 2 who just moved to the US and for most of these this is the first time they or their parents have ever seen an election! By teaching and sharing with the students, we are able to teach and share with the parents. They are so excited and I have been looking for something to use with them that I can bring to their level but at the same time keep the parents interested.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  2. I teach at a private school for special needs students. The entire school is voting and the math classes are going to tally the votes. It is a great way to get involved:). I would love a copy of your mixed up equations;)

  3. I would LOVE your election package! I am new to elementary, teaching 5th grade Math and Social Studies this year. We have thought about doing a mock election with our 5th graders. It would be great to see what all you have planned. 🙂

  4. It’s like you read my mind! I spent an hour after school today searching the web for ideas on how to teach the election and, more specifically, the electoral college to my 4th graders. I love teaching history and this would help so much. I would so love to win it but if I don’t I will buy it. LOL 😉

  5. As a math teacher, we’ve been talking about poll numbers and percentages…always up for a little real life math!

  6. I would love to get a copy of your election package. I teach ELL (english Language Learners in Grades 1-5, with a mojority of my time in Grades 3-5. I would like to teach them about the elections as well as how to write a persuasive paragraph. SO this would be great! We also have an all school student election, so having knowledgeable and informed voters will be great as well.

  7. I love to incorporate Reading and Social Studies. I teach 5th grade and my kids are very curious about the elections. I would love to win your amazing S.S. pack!!

  8. I am so behind in talking to you!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you! I loved seeing what you are doing for your new units…I will be buying the election pack for sure anyhow, ’cause I know I have to incorporate this with my 5th graders. Thanks Kate!!

  9. I can’t believe the products you make. They are amazing! I teach 8th grade special education, so for the election we focus on the “big ideas” of the process. The students actually gets more involved in this than the rest of the curriculum because it is relevant to their lives. The highlight is holding a school-wide mock election to see if our winner matches the actual one!

  10. Your election package sounds awesome! I teach civics in an alternative school for emotional disturbed/behavioral students. My students need a lot of hands-on activities, and a lot of variety. After teaching science for the past twelve years, this is my first year teaching civics. It’s been very difficult coming up with interesting ways to teach this subject to my easily distracted guys. This package looks like it would be a great help.

  11. I teach 5th grade and the 2012 Presidential Election is going to spice up my government unit. Hopefully, my students will remember who ran in this election and think about the fun we had learning about the election process.

  12. I teach math and science, but am determined to work in the election to my lesson plans, just as I did the Olympics (we had the metric olympics!). I’ve already made some bellringers we’ll use in October and November for math about the electoral college, voting percentages, etc. Back at convention time, I even worked in a question about the number of delegates from each state! I love incorporating world events into my lessons, even where they might not seem to immediately fit. I think it encourages the students to 1) stay up on current world events and 2) understand how life is cross-curricular.

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