FINALLY Interactive Math Notebook Pages

Happy Columbus Day, everyone!! If you’re lucky (and/or live in New York) like me, you don’t have school today! This has been a busy weekend so I am excited to RELAX (aka enter interim comments and correct tests) today! On Saturday, D and I took our super cute engagement pictures and yesterday we had an amazing engagement party. Thanks to my mom and dad for hosting it and for my amazing friends who came and helped out! I have to share some of our pinterest inspired details on the old blog!

I wanted to share some awesome pages we have done in our Interactive Math Notebooks (we call them IMNs in class):

Some of our Frayer Models for vocabulary!

GCF Notes and Examples

GCF Venn Diagram Foldable


Awesome factors and multiples number line inspired (copied) from the amazing Kim Sutton!

My students have been SO enthusiastic about our IMNs. I have a ton of kids ask me each day if we are adding anything! I can’t wait to show off some of our other pages we have done 🙂





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