Current Events

I get to teach one literacy class a day! It’s a pretty awesome class that I have mentioned on here in the past. We are currently reading a novel, The Revealers, but we also work on other reading based skills. Each teacher gets a subscription to Scholastic News that we can use during literacy if we choose. The students have to do normal “Current Events” and “Science News” reports for their Social Studies and Science classes. I wanted to give them more creative ways to respond for literacy.


I created 12 different awesome current events responses (ok, really only 11. The 12th is the normal paragraph summary…but hey, summarizing is an important skill too!) Students have the choice to make a comic strip, fill in various graphic organizers and even write the script to a pretend newscast about the story.

Check these out in my TpT or TN store. I am super excited about them!

Oh yeah, first to comment with their e-mail address & the best part about your school year so far gets a free copy !


7 responses to “Current Events

  1. I’m enjoying teaching math again this year!

  2. i love this and your imn. you have awesome ideas. my favorite thing about this year is getting to know new students, school, grade, and staff. so far its been great!

  3. My interactive notebooks for math are taking off!!! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas! 🙂 I have not used current events in my classroom but am excited to add it! Love you Kate! ❤

  4. Wait a minute….did anyone ever win the last giveaway, the election package?

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