Interactive Math Notebooks Take 2

I am obsessed with our Interactive Math Notebooks. We are going through a change in curriculum this year with the Common Core switch and we have a ton of great resources, but my little 6th graders are having a hard time figuring out exactly how to use the resources. They have Envisions, Carnegie Learning workbooks and Big Ideas (WHICH I LOVE!!!!) Workbooks. The IMN has given us a way to bring all of these resources together. Here are some of the pages we have added this week and last week:

Prime and Composite Number Sort and Foldable. These can be found here

Prime & Composite Numbers Foldable up close

Powers and exponents practice


Factor Trees using neon dots for PRIME FACTORS!

Using Factor Trees to find GCF! From this AWESOME pack

We have added a few more pages that I will try to share this weekend. At my old school, my kids didn’t have lockers, so I could just grab a notebook and take pictures whenever I wanted. Now that my kids have lockers and keep their things locked up, I have to borrow notebooks from them!

Oh yeah, want to see a sneak peak of my super cute engagement pics? We didn’t not get our pictures taken in an historic library! Thanks to Liliana Photography!




2 responses to “Interactive Math Notebooks Take 2

  1. Love it! Thanks for the shout out…it’s kinda surreal to see stuff you made being used in someone else’s classroom!

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