Pinterest Favorites

Seriously, I actually can’t remember my life before Pinterest! No matter how busy I am, I somehow end up spending at time on it everyday. WHAT?! HOW?!!! Don’t I have important things I need to be doing?

Apparently Pinterest is the most important thing. I mean I AM a teacher and I AM planning a wedding, so I get a free pass, right? Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favorite pins that I have been OBSESSING over lately!

Can this be our wedding please?!

Source: via emily on Pinterest

I want to make 100 of these!

I 100% need this watch!

How is this bracelet under $10?!

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

HELLO, Cauliflower crust pizza sticks!

This nail color!

Gold Christmas!

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

How amazing are these interior angle cookies?! I WANT ALL OF THESE!

Incase you couldn’t tell, I am obsessed with gold 🙂 What have you been pinning lately?!


One response to “Pinterest Favorites

  1. I want these:…you may want to put in your next 35 years + of anniversary hints NOW! and I love those cookies, holy cow, who has the time, patience…etc…for that…good for him/her!

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