Camping and other things that make me foul…

On Wednesday, my school has a special field trip for our 6th graders…a THREE DAY camping/hiking/outdoor experience trip. It’s the highlight of the year. It’s pretty awesome that I get the opportunity to go! I love low ropes courses and hiking, etc, but I do not like the following things: vomit, bugs, bears, deer, mice, bugs, bugs, bugs, sharing a cabin and bathroom with 6th graders, no cell service 🙂 In some ways I am SO excited for this trip– bonding time with my kiddos, awesome team building experiences, etc! I am not excited for the 5 hour bus ride and the fact that on field trips, I am actually in charge of a group of kids! Anyway, I will be gone Wednesday-Friday. If you don’t see a blog post this weekend, assume I didn’t make it 🙂

I decided that since I have been in a weird blogging funk, to join in on Rowdy in First Grade’s “Tell Me Something Good” Linky Party.

Something Good at School: I had my first informal observation and it went pretty well! My kids are rocking their Interactive Math Notebooks. I am obsessively making task cards and my students are loving them. I can finally get to the cafeteria without getting lost!

Something Good at Home: Wedding planning has been going so well– thanks to my amazing mama! I have the best fiancé ever. We got a fondue pot (all of these things are wonderful)


3 responses to “Camping and other things that make me foul…

  1. Found you through the linky party. Wedding plans are so exciting. My mom was a life saver as well. My husband and I celebrated our 15th anniversary this summer. Good luck!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. Yay for wedding plans! Have fun camping. 🙂

  3. Rowdy in First Grade

    AAAAH! Wedding planning! I loved it! It goes by so fast! Enjoy every minute!
    Rowdy in First Grade

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