I Survived!!

I SURVIVED! I’m back from the 3 day camping trip and I had an amazing time! I absolutely LOVED getting to know the students from other teams better. The kids had a blast and even though I am EXHAUSTED, it was totally worth it. I am already excited for next year’s trip!

Beautiful water fall we hiked to the first day!

The camp is an old estate and we got a tour of the house! Amazing!

The lowest of the 2 cable bridges we trekked across. They only added those safety nets a year or two ago!

One of our night activities was a mummy wrap

They have an awesome raptor center for injured birds of prey. I’m not not terrified of big owls…

Building an outdoor shelter

And just because I love this time or year and I am super happy to be back home, I decided to join in with Alisha from The Bubbly Blonde and host a 20% off EVERYTHING sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher’s Notebook stores!

Click Here to shop my TpT store! 

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Click here to see all of the other shops running a sale!

I have added a bunch of new Common Core aligned task cards, American Revolution Timeline Cards and cool election activities recently. I have a few new products that I will be making this weekend and posting too. Those will most definitely be included in the sale too.

Happy weekend! Stay safe from Hurricane Sandy 🙂 We’re praying it doesn’t hit here on Long Island as bad as they say it will.


One response to “I Survived!!

  1. Sounds like an amazing time! Wish our schools did something like that! Stay safe…will be thinking of you and everyone in Sandy’s path, and hoping that it won’t be as strong as they have been predicting. Take care!

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