Hurricane Sandy!

This storm has been crazy! It’s already flooding pretty bad and the rain hasn’t really hit. As of right now, school is cancelled today and tomorrow. I’m praying we don’t have a whole week off…I don’t want to be teaching until July!

I have been using my time pretty wisely– working on cool new products for my TpT store! I am rushing to finish and upload some products before the power inevitably goes out for days on end. Check out what I have posted in the last day or two: (click on each picture to go to the link)

Decimal Mega Foldables Pack

Pre-k- 3rd Grade Common Core Word Wall Words

Introduction to Polygons Activities

Numbers 1-10 Activity Books

Money Sense Activity Books

Editable Classroom Set

Decimal Math Mats

Veterans Day Activities

American Revolution Task Cards

Want to win one of these new products? Leave me a comment with your FAVORITE and a story about the worst weather situation you have been through. I’ll choose one winner for each day we don’t have power! Stay safe and dry 🙂










6 responses to “Hurricane Sandy!

  1. Hey Kate,

    Love both of the decimal packs!

    We’re getting flooding here already and, like you said, it hasn’t really started yet.

    My in high school Hurricane Fran came through and knocked out power/water for 2 weeks. We didn’t have school for 12 days in a row. There was a ridiculous amount of damage. Water was over the bridge in the middle of the town, and that bridge was over 30 feet high. Flooding ruined most of the town. I remember out neighbors ended up having a creek cut through their yard leaving a 6 foot drop and 5 foot wide cut through going straight through their front yard and through the road, eroding the pavement and causing a 30 foot section of pavement to sink. Scary stuff!

    Stay safe (and dry!)

  2. Kate, no crazy storm story…just wanted to tell you, you are amazing!! You continually come up with the best activities for classrooms! Your students are so blessed to have you! Be safe!

    • Kate–we are here in VA and it’s crazy! My power went out 3 hours ago and I’m here with 4 of my kids:) In all this worry I look down and water is shooting up the bottom of my door to the point hat beach towels won’t hold it out. What happens? My youngest one runs to get her duct tape and proceeds to tape layer upon layer of tape on the door and NO water has come in! Wow! My daughter for president! Think we may have found a great advertisement for duct tape now 🙂
      I adore the decimals mega foldables pack. When I grow up I want to be just like you! You rock and are such an inspiration in my 5th grade classroom–my students know you from afar.


  3. Wow! You are using your time! Both decimal materials look awesome! My crazy weather I guess is two weeks ago I was in Cabo San Lucas and it was overcast one day. I did not think anything of it. I got on the Internet and saw it was going to rain the next two days. The second morning I looked on Internet and saw that a hurricane was on the west coast about 100 miles to the north of where we were at. We were so lucky we only got the tail end of that storm. What was crazy is that I had never seen so much debris of trash and limbs that had washed up from the ocean. Also the ocean was brown about a 1/4 of a mile out. It was something I had never seen before. I hope that is the closest I ever get to a hurricane!

    Keep safe!

  4. I love the decimals math mats! The worst weather situation I was in had to be when I was student teaching. We got a total of 10 days of school off during the year and were VERY snowed in! Although, it was pretty cool being snowed in with all of my college roomies.

  5. I love following your blog and seeing all your materials! I teach 6th grade math and science and find we often times are teaching similar content … which makes it fun to see how you do things in your classroom. (And similar to you, I recently got engaged … crazy how alike things can be! Congratulations and love your engagement pictures!) My crazy weather story … my first year teaching we had a flood that took over my city including the school where I was about to begin teaching. Due to the flood we were displaced with 6th grade relocating to a Community College and 7th and 8th grade to a church. We stayed at these alternate locations for several weeks until we were able to be back in our building. I always say that I started my teaching career at a college 🙂

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