Happy Day After Election Day :)

So apparently the important part of my post got deleted yesterday. Yesterday we had a meeting with the teachers at my school. I was not prepared for how badly the city has been destroyed. Faculty and staff at my school are now homeless– their homes, cars and belongings have been washed away. Many of our buildings have been flooded. Apparently there was 4 ft of water in my building and we can’t go in until everything has been thrown away (WAHHHHHH) and cleaned. Most of our students are in shelters and now this huge Nor’Easter is supposed to hit. SO many people are without power and heat. It’s terrifying, but overall there was an amazing sense of hope and support. My team and I are already preparing lessons and ways to reach out to our students who are hurting. We have no idea in what capacity we will be teaching next week or what buildings we will be at, but we’re hoping for lots of kids we can love and support.

Anywayyyyy, HAPPY DAY AFTER ELECTION DAY! My fiancé and I didn’t not color in electoral maps last night!

I seriously love election day and I can’t NOT love a president who supports math and science teachers 🙂

Enjoy this Prime Factorization Freebie today! I used this with my 7th grades to do a quick review of prime factorization last year and it was great. Click on the link below to download!


Prime Factorization Freebie


4 responses to “Happy Day After Election Day :)

  1. Kate, how can those of us who were more slightly affected by the hurricane help you? i know we could contribute to Red Cross, but I’d like to do something more teacher-to-teacher / school – to – school. Any suggestions?


  2. I, too, would like to do something to help at your school directly. Please tell us how we can help.

  3. Thinking of you and your school! Can’t imagine what you guys are going through!

  4. Please let me know how to directly help your school.

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