The Journey Back to Normalcy

Today was the first day back for kids! Our HS and MS are combined into one building and it’s a little chaotic, but mostly it is just AWESOME to be back with the kids! These are the supplies I brought today:

Big change from my usual bins of supplies:

It was okay though. We are starting math instruction tomorrow. I can’t wait to use this paper chain challenge with them! I think it is the perfect way to start off school 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who offered to fundraise for our school 🙂 We are in the process of setting up a direct to schools donation system. My team will also be posting a Donors Choose project once we get back into our normal classrooms and assess the damage! I will definitely post about it ASAP!

Check out some of the new products I posted this week:

Operations with Integers Task Cards

Unit Rate Task Cards

Super Square Roots Pack

So You Have to Teach Operations with Polynomials?! 

Speaking of TpT…on Friday we had a meeting at one of the elementary schools. Want to know what was so cool about the room we were meeting in? There were TONS of posters and decorations in the room from LADYBUG’S TEACHER FILES! It was so cool to see her work on display in someone else’s room!

Have a wonderful week!



One response to “The Journey Back to Normalcy

  1. So glad you are able to go back! My husband and I have been praying for you and your school and really everyone affected.

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