Slowly but Surely

This week we restarted our Interactive Math Notebooks. After the hurricane, I didn’t know what I was going to do about them. I assumed they were all gone. Washed away into the Atlantic Ocean somewhere.

To my surprise, some of my students excitedly brought them on our first day back to school! I even had a student tell me that she purposely brought her IMN to the attic when they were moving things for safekeeping prior to the hurricane hitting. After much BEGGING from (most) of my students, I decided that when we started our next chapter (percents) we would start using our IMNs again. Surprisingly, a good deal of kids still had them. Lucky for us, the kids with top lockers got most of their things back. The students who lost their books got new notebooks donated by a local school and we’re off IMNing again 🙂

Take a look at a few of the pages we recently did. Nothing crazy, but it’s GOOD TO BE BACK!  (pages can be found in my Percents Notes and Activities Pack)

Finding Percent by Writing Equal Fractions

Finding Percent by Writing Equal Fractions


Intro to Percents

As for the new year, I am glad to be back at school. I love the fresh start that comes with a new year. I am trying to stay on top of grades and paperwork and eating healthy….IMG_9761



Happy Sunday Night/Downton Abby premier night 🙂

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2 responses to “Slowly but Surely

  1. I started Interactive notebooks with my students this year, and although I like them, I wish my school provided colored copy paper so I could make them even more appealing to my students. Also… I go through glue sticks like water!!!

  2. I am trying to figure out interactive notebooks! Thanks for the post!
    I have created a Blog Log for Middle School Teachers. Click here if you might want to join or find out more info.
    Happy Blogging

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