Common Core Posters!

Since I have been back from my honeymoon, I have been super busy– working on curriculum writing…oh yeah, and did I mention, my brother and sister-in-law had a beautiful baby girl, Reese!


Besides loving this cute baby, I have been compulsively back-to-school shopping…


In the past week, I have been to Staples, Office Max, Target, Walmart and our local teacher store! In all fairness, I lost a ton of things after our school got hit by Hurricane Sandy last fall…especially a lot of the back to school posters, bulletin borders, etc that I had and I just now realized were gone.

Today I finally got to work on some of the posters and things for my classroom too. Thanks to my mom for helping with the cutting and laminating! I decided that I am using my neon chevron as my main color scheme in my room this year. I printed all of the standards posters, trimmed and laminated them.


Then I put them in order and divided them by domains. I punched a whole in each one and put them on rings.

I plan on hanging these on my board each day on a hook! Last year I had all the posters printed and slid them into a page protector I had mounted on the board. While a good idea in theory, for someone as unorganized as me, I never put them back in the right order (and now they are washed away in the Atlantic Ocean thanks to Old Sandy). I figured this would be a MUCH better way to stay organized and post the standards.

IMG_2857 IMG_4128 IMG_0573

I also remade my white board headers for my daily information for my students. I just have to pick up more magnets for the backs.


We have a day 1-6 schedule so I made cards with numbers 1-6 that I can flip each day. They will also be on a magnetic hook like I am using for the state standards.


I also created this super cute *MATH* bunting with my new editable template pack (55 DIFFERENT backgrounds!) that I figure I can post some place in my room.


I haven’t decided if I am going to attach it with ribbon or magnets on my board. I have to get into my new classroom to check it out before I decide. You can download it for free HERE!

One last thing! I love my Scotch Laminator. It’s amazing! I use it SO much…but I hate spending tons of money on the laminating pouches! I found these generic ones on Amazon and I used them for the first time today and they are AWESOME…and so much cheaper! Just thought I would share the wealth 🙂

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One response to “Common Core Posters!

  1. congrats on your neice!

    I buy my pouches at Sams.. I get 200 for $20… they aren’t Scotch brand either. They rock though! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the price!!

    Hodges Herald

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