Super Secondary LOVES Teachers

Hi wonderful teachers! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! What does your school do to celebrate? Our Student Organization (which I run!) has the students of the school write notes of appreciation to their favorite teachers and our PTA makes an AMAZING luncheon. We are so lucky to feel so much love 🙂  I keep telling my kids that the best way to show their teacher that they appreciate them is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK 🙂

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, Teachers Pay Teachers is having an amazing “up to 28% off” sale! This Tuesday and Wednesday, many sellers have discounted their entire stores 20%. TPT is offering an additional 10% off with code THANKYOU

Check out these AMAZING Secondary teachers whose stores will be on sale starting tomorrow!



The Classroom Sparrow

Room 213

Darlene Anne’s ELA Buffet

Danielle Knight (Study All Knight)

Michele Luck’s Social Studies

Teaching FSL

Juggling ELA

The SuperHERO Teacher

James Whitaker’s SophistThoughts

Created by MrHughes

Lessons With Coffee

Leah Cleary

Addie Williams

Linda Jennifer


Kristin Lee

Lindsay Perro

All Things Algebra

Mrs. Brosseau’s Binder

Tracee Orman


Teaching High School Math

Pamela Kranz

FisherReyna Education

Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy

Lovin Lit

ELA Everyday

Teaching Math by Hart

The Creative Classroom

For the Love of Teaching Math

Kesler Science

Live Love Math

To the Square Inch- Kate Bing Coners

A Space to Create

Science and Math with Mrs Lau

Brain Waves Instruction

Literary Sherri

Created for Learning

2 Peas and a Dog

Making Meaning with Melissa

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