Back to Reality/School 2013!

First of all, thank you SO much for all the sweet comments about our marriage. Being married is the best 🙂 For those of you who follow me on instagram, thanks for putting up with me FLOODING your feed with beautiful pictures like this…

1157599_635112109689_1632885922_n The harbor seal that followed us around on our kayaking trip in Monterey!

946352_635257383559_1891803174_nWhale watching in Monterey! Yep, that’s a humpback whale!

1005225_635418331019_185891203_nHow much do you love this quote from John Steinbeck?!

1012461_635617596689_1926222379_nBeautiful Hearst Castle!

1098046_635855030869_911019157_nSan Diego Coast (Cabrillo National Park)

It was seriously a magical three weeks in California, but we were ready to come home! Of course the day we got back, we had to run to Target to pick up some hangers…I know you will be shocked to see that my cart ended up full of school supplies…

1005358_636121636589_645619785_nGUYS, 12 packs of glue sticks for $1.77!! And a chevron pencil holder! And Chevron scissors! And a pie chart post-it set! And cheap pencils!

The rest of this week has been spent on setting up our apartment, writing curriculum and prepping for the school year!

IMG_3144I spent one of our first days back trying to print new things for my classroom! I think I’m going for a neon chevron print this year!

IMG_3741 Office Max had giant post-it pads for buy 1, get 1 free! BEST DAY EVER!

Also at Office Max, all of this fabulous STUFF! Mmm brand new astrobrights paper!IMG_5596I also got a new printer…so I can print task cards for the year!

IMG_8624And matching centers!

IMG_0222And more cute task cards! One of my goals for the last few weeks of summer is to print, cut and laminate all of the task cards, games and centers I need before the school year starts!

And…today is the Teachers Pay Teachers Back-to-School sale! For the next two days, you can get 28% off every item in my store! Check it out!
My TpT Store

Sale image from Dragonflies in First

I personally have been waiting for this sale FOREVER! I can’t wait to buy everything I have been saving on my wishlist for like 2 months!

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Sorry for the sporadic posting and my inability to focus on the 2013-2013 school year…exactly one week ago, I married the great love of my life!


It was the most beautiful wedding (even if it was like 100 degrees). D and I are s thankful for our amazing friends and family who made this wedding possible!

We’re currently finishing up week one of our THREE week honeymoon (ahhh teachers are SO LAZY— what’s working all summer :)). Our first week was spend in  San Diego.

994553_632885886059_1174472483_n 396998_633121893099_1681883656_n


The next two weeks include an epic road trip to the following places: Vegas, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Fran, Napa, Monterey, LA, San Luis Obispo, and Sonoma. I’m going to try and post some new things during this time (hahahahahahhahaha). Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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How has it been this long?! I can’t believe that I haven’t posted in like 2 months. worst.blogger.ever.

I have a pretty good excuse– I promise…

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.24.41 PM

Yep…I’m getting married in ELEVEN days! The past threeish weeks of summer vacation (our last day was June 21st) have been a marathon of wedding planning plus the 2 inservice classes I am taking this week. I am beyond excited and just READY for it to be here. Luckily I have THE BEST mom in the world, who is single handily making my wedding amazing. I have been working on some school and TPT things, but mostly I have been working on fun crafts with my mom like…

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.25.16 PM

Personalized water bottles!

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.25.10 PM

Table number

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.25.03 PM

Place cards

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.24.55 PM

At least one million metallic votive holders

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.24.22 PM

Welcome bag tags

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.24.15 PM

Ceremony programs

I know a lot of you are going back to school in August so I posted my Math Attitude Survey as a fun freebie! Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.36.06 PM

Math Attitude Survey

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Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Hopefully everyone’s kiddos + parents are treating them nicely 🙂 State testing + grading took over most of my life this month. I can’t believe it’s May already!!

Incase you haven’t heard, TpT is having an AMAZING sale tomorrow! Get 28% off at my store with coupon code TAD13 on May 7th and 8th!


Find my store here

I can’t wait to purchase a bunch of super fun items! My cart is stocked with fun clip art and activities. Check out some of my new Bingo Games…my students are currently obsessed with all things Bingo and are totally loving these! We played the week of the state exam in the periods after 2 hours of testing. The fact that all of my classes were engaged in meaningful review AFTER taking parts of the test still amazing me!

Teachers Notebook is also having an awesome sale and giveaway!


What are you planning on getting?!

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Meet Jess!!

Remember when this used to be a math and SCIENCE blog?! Well, I am not teaching science this year. I loved sharing awesome science ideas on this blog and I am pretty sure you guys liked seeing them too. Although I haven’t taught much of anything but math lessons lately, I am lucky to have a best friend who is a science teacher!

Meet my BEST FRIEND, Jessica Smith!


She is an amazing science teacher and mama in Indianapolis! Jess and I met in grad school and pretty much have been BFFs ever since! Jess just opened an awesome TpT shop and I figured it would be pretty cool to interview her….with a fun giveaway 🙂 Enjoy!

What grade and subject do you teach? How long have you been teaching?

I teach 7th grade Science & Reading (my favorite subjects!!) & this is my 4th year teaching!!


What is your favorite part about teaching?

My favorite part of teaching is definitely interacting with the kids. Building fun yet mutually respectful relationships with these 7th graders is so fulfilling! I truly believe Middle Schoolers are the GREATEST!!


How do you incorporate other subjects into science?

Science is the best because you can easily incorporate reading strategies, math, & history all in one! The kids in our school need as much statistical math as possible, which is easy to tie into data collecting (graphs, finding percentages, mean/median/mode, etc.) Vocabulary is a HUGE part of my curriculum & figuring out meanings of science words using their word parts. Of course, there’s also so much history when talking about scientific discoveries and the scientists that have shaped our knowledge of concepts today. Gregor Mendel is my favorite 🙂


If you could give one piece of advice to a new teacher, what would it be?

IT GETS BETTER! I PROMISE!!! My 1st year of teaching was the most CHALLENGING/AWFUL year of my life (even more challenging than being a first time momma!). I remember late night lesson plans, feeling hopelessly alone without a professor constantly giving me feedback about my teaching, grading papers until I screamed, and lots of wine & bubble baths. Once you establish some core routine & base lessons, you will FLOURISH as a teacher and it will get better and better every year! USE YOUR RESOURCES and ASK FOR HELP. Take your good/fresh ideas, and RUN with them! Lastly, try your best to focus on the great kids in your class — it is SO easy to give so much of your time & attention to the booger heads. Be the teacher you want YOUR kid to have!

Seriously, HOW AMAZING IS SHE?! Want to find out? Check out Jess’ store and leave me a comment with your favorite product (make sure you include your e-mail address)! You have a chance to win a BFF METRIC COMBO PACK including…

The Bubble Gum Lab

Click picture to see full description

Click picture to see full description

Metric Mania Lab

Click the picture to see full description

Click the picture to see full description

Metric Units of Measure Journal

Click the picture to see full description

Click the picture to see full description

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Around Here…..

Busy, busy, busy! Prepping for state exams + wedding planning…

my life is a crazy mix of…

this (for the sweets table at my wedding)


and this (seriously, my kiddos LOVED these Algebra Turnover Cards!)
photo-149and obsessing over all the beautiful products I will be making with this

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.29.39 PMHappy Sunday night! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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This is currently what my folder of foldables looks like…

IMG_0537Seriously, how do you organize your foldables? I can’t tell you how many times I teach a topic and find that I have a foldable for that….two weeks later!

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