End of the Year Gifts– Part II

As I have mentioned countless times, I work at a Catholic school that is being closed at the end of the year. Tomorrow our 8th graders are graduating. I went to a huge public middle school and I don’t really even remember if we had an 8th grade graduation. I think it was a little moving up ceremony. I don’t even think we got certificates. Graduation is a huge deal at my current school. There is a valedictorian and salutatorian and lots of different awards. It’s kind of a graduation/mass combo. It actually is really really nice and I can’t wait. This class that is graduating is the last class to graduate from our school so it’s an even bigger deal.

I wanted to make word clouds like I did for my 6th and 7th graders, but I never got the time to fill out the “describe me” sheet with the 8th graders. They have been so busy with state exams and graduation practice. Instead, I created a print with one of my favorite bible verses.

I understand most of my teacher readers cannot use this in their own classrooms, but I thought maybe people might want it for themselves.

I got 4×6 prints made at CVS and bought cheap walmart frames. I also wrote my students a letter explaining the verse more and how it applies to their lives and my own life and the path that brought me to them.

I wrapped up each frame it a pretty cellophane bag from Michaels and taped the letter on the front. I am hoping that the students love it.

Click on the picture below to download either the color or black and white version of this print. The font used is My Own Topher. I created the print in Microsoft PowerPoint.



3 responses to “End of the Year Gifts– Part II

  1. We have graduation Mass too! Last year we had 8 graduates so it was at a Sunday Mass, which was kind of mess since none of the normal parishioners knew what was happening… this year we only had 3 graduates so we had it at a normal Friday morning school Mass.

    Anyway, I will definitely pass on your idea to our 8th grade teacher for next year!!

  2. Jacquie Neill

    Awww Kate…these are precious!! I teach 4th grade at a Christian School in Albuquerque, New Mexico and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I am so sorry to hear that your school is closing. Our numbers have been decreasing also…but we hope to recover and grow once again. Thank you so much for the beautiful verse…I will be printing it and hanging it in my classroom! Best of luck on your new venture….and PLEASE don’t quit blogging, I have used SO MANY of your wonderful ideas! (Especially your math notebook ideas…keep ’em coming!) ❤

  3. Kate,
    I love these! I teach at a Lutheran school that closed this year & those last days were some of the hardest in my teaching career! Blessings to you as you finish your year!

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