Solving Proportions FREE notebook page

Hi everyone!

I started my precalc class this morning. Now I remember why I hated 8am classes in college. I know it’s not THAT early, but it’s SO drag to drive 30 minutes to the community college during NYC rush hour traffic…and 3 straight hours of listening to my professor talk? Not to mention that the textbook costs $170. And oh yeah, we spent the day learning about linear and quadratic equations as well as INTERVAL NOTATION and functions. I taught all of these things to my middle school kiddos.


Moving on….

I am absolutely LOVING my new Mac Book Pro! It’s so wonderful. And fast. And I can actually blog on it. The only problem I have? I haven’t been able to comment on blogger the past few days. I type out a comment and go to post and it disappears. WHAT?! Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I have never had that problem before!

I have some FREE solving proportions guided notes to share with you all today. It’s just a simple 2 page document that I use with my 6th and 7th graders to practice solving proportions and SHOWING ALL WORK 🙂 Click on the picture below to download it from my TPT store.



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